Aggregate replacement rate of income of the elderly by period in the EU. MYH (API identifier: 10936)

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Table of INEBase Aggregate replacement rate of income of the elderly by period in the EU. Annual. National. Women and Men in Spain

Data summary

  • File '10936.xls'

    • Table ‘10936’ consists of 28 data rows along 27 dimensions: ‘UE-28’, ‘Mujeres - 2020’, ‘Mujeres - 2019’, ‘Mujeres - 2018’, ‘Mujeres - 2017’, ‘Mujeres - 2016’, ‘Mujeres - 2015’, ‘Mujeres - 2014’, ‘Mujeres - 2013’, ‘Mujeres - 2012’ and 17 other dimensions

Size: 21 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2022-01-07 19:13

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