Domestic producer prices - capital goods

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The industrial domestic output price index measures the average price development of all goods and related services resulting from the activity of the industry sector and sold on the domestic market. The domestic output price index shows the monthly development of transaction prices of economic activities. The domestic market is defined as customers resident in the same national territory as the observation unit. Data are compiled according to the Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community, (NACE Rev. 2, Eurostat). Industrial producer prices are compiled as a "fixed base year Laspeyres type price-index". The current base year is 2015 (Index 2015 =100). Indexes, as well as both growth rates with respect to the previous month (M/M-1) and with respect to the corresponding month of the previous year (M/M-12) are presented in raw form.

Input file, structural summary:

  1. File 'teiis050.tsv':
    1. Table 'teiis050':
      Table ‘teiis050’ consists of 20 data rows along 13 dimensions: ‘indic_bt,nace_r2,s_adj,unit,geo\time’, ‘2020M08’, ‘2020M09’, ‘2020M10’, ‘2020M11’, ‘2020M12’, ‘2021M01’, ‘2021M02’, ‘2021M03’, ‘2021M04’ and three other dimensions

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