Inventar seturi date deschise institutii subordonate MDLPA iulie 2021

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Verzeichnis der offenen Datensätze für Institute im Rahmen des MDLPA Juli 2021

Data summary

  • File 'anexa-inventariere_seturi-date-subordonatemdlpa_iulie_2021-2.xlsx'

    • Table ‘anexa-inventariere seturi-date-subordonatemdlpa iulie 2021-2’ consists of 263 data rows along nine dimensions: ‘Nr. crt.’, ‘Titlu’, ‘Structură responsabilă’, ‘Persoană de contact’, ‘e-mail’, ‘Format electronic*’, ‘Descriere’, ‘Data publicării** (luna/anul)’ and ‘Interval de actualizare a seturilor publicate** *’

Size: 32.8 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2022-01-11 07:12

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