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LF444 - Daily accessibility (LUISA Platform REF2014)

(jrc-luisa-lf444-daily-accessibility-ref-2014)   []

Daily accessibility indicates the amount of people that live within four hours of driving from the location at hand.The level of detail of this indicator is per NUTS0 and NUTS2. Additional publications: 1. Jacobs-Crisioni C, Batista e Silva F, Lavalle C, et al. (2014) "Accessibility and territorial cohesion in a case of transport infrastructure improvements with endogenous population distributions.". European Commission - Joint Research Centre.

Data summary

  • File 'LF_444_NUTS2.csv'

    • Table ‘LF_444_NUTS2’ consists of 56 data rows along six dimensions: ‘NUTS_2’, ‘2010’, ‘2020’, ‘2030’, ‘2040’ and ‘2050’
  • File 'LF_444_NUTS0.csv'

    • Table ‘LF_444_NUTS0’ consists of nine data rows along six dimensions: ‘NUTS_0’, ‘2010’, ‘2020’, ‘2030’, ‘2040’ and ‘2050’

Size: 1.6 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2021-11-12 20:01

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