Monthly price of Fixed Broadband Internet Access offers including Fixed Telephony

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Monthly price of Fixed Broadband Internet Access offers including Fixed Telephony, including value added tax, excluding the aditional cost of telephony or cable line (if any). The minimum and median prices refer to the group of similar subscriptions offered by internet service providers. Offers are not weigthed with market shares, so the offers' median price cannot be interpreted as the median price paid by consumers.


If no data is present for a country, it is because no corresponding offers have been found on the national market.

Original source

Broadband Internet Access Cost (BIAC), annual studies for the EC realised by Van Dijk, covering EU 28 Member States as well as Canada, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, FYROM, Norway, State of California, State of Colorado, State of New York, Switzerland and Turkey.:

Parent dataset

This dataset is part of of another dataset:

Data summary

  • File 'digital-agenda-scoreboard-key-indicators.csv'

    • Table ‘digital agenda scoreboard key indicators’ consists of 1,048,576 data rows along nine dimensions: ‘observation’, ‘time_period’, ‘ref_area’, ‘indicator’, ‘breakdown’, ‘unit_measure’, ‘value’, ‘flag’ and ‘note’

Size: 12039.1 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2022-01-08 01:35

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