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Other investment - quarterly data, million units of national currency

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The international investment position (IIP) is a statistical statement that shows at a point in time the value and composition of: -financial assets of residents of an economy that are claims on non-residents and gold bullion held as reserve assets, and -liabilities of residents of an economy to non-residents. The difference between an economy’s external financial assets and liabilities is the economy’s net IIP, which may be positive or negative. According to the functional category, the cross-border financial positions are classified as: 1) For the assets - Direct investment; Portfolio investment; Financial derivatives and employee stock options ; Other investment and Reserve assets 2) For the liabilities - Direct investment; Portfolio investment; Financial derivatives and employee stock options and Other investment The financial positions are further classified according the different instruments. The data on portfolio investment are expressed in million units of national currency. The indicator is based on the Eurostat data from the Balance of payment statistics, these data are quaterly reported to the ECB by the EU Member States. Definitions are based on the IMF Sixth Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6).

Data summary

  • File 'tipsii45.tsv'

    • Table ‘tipsii45’ consists of 29 data rows along 106 dimensions: ‘currency,bop_item,sector10,sectpart,stk_flow,partner,geo\time’, ‘1995Q1’, ‘1995Q2’, ‘1995Q3’, ‘1995Q4’, ‘1996Q1’, ‘1996Q2’, ‘1996Q3’, ‘1996Q4’, ‘1997Q1’ and 96 other dimensions

Size: 26.3 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2021-09-30 22:40

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