Public R&D financed by business enterprise

(jrc-10113-rio_publ_gerd_by_bes)   []

R&D investments of the public sector (GOV + HES) financed by business enterprises (BES).

Data summary

  • File 'RIO_PUBL_GERD_BY_BES-meta.csv'

    • Table ‘RIO PUBL GERD BY BES-meta’ consists of 14 data rows along two dimensions: ‘DATASET TITLE’ and ‘Public R&D financed by business enterprise’
  • File 'RIO_PUBL_GERD_BY_BES-data.csv'

    • Table ‘RIO PUBL GERD BY BES-data’ consists of 3482 data rows along 16 dimensions: ‘GEO’, ‘GEO_DESC’, ‘TIME_PERIOD’, ‘SECTOR’, ‘SECTFUND’, ‘SECTFUND_DESC’, ‘OBS_VALUE’, ‘UNIT’, ‘UNIT_DESC’, ‘OBS_STATUS’ and six other dimensions

Size: 33.9 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2021-11-12 23:42

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