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This file contains a list of list of observations for every hour of the current day for our synoptic station in Finner, Co Galway. The file is updated hourly. Time values are Local times. Values for each hour include: Name; Dry bulb temperature in whole degrees; Weather description, Windspeed (kt); Cardinal Wind Direction; Relative Humidity (%); Rainfall (mm); msl Pressure (mbar); Day of the week; Date; Time of observation. Please note: This data is not quality controlled.

Data summary

  • File 'finner'

    • Table ‘finner’ consists of 18 data rows along eight dimensions: ‘Time’, ‘Report’, ‘Temperature ºC’, ‘Wind Speed km/h’, ‘Wind Gust km/h’, ‘Wind Direction º’, ‘Rainfall mm/h’ and ‘Pressure hPa’

Size: 0.9 KBSource: data.europa.euLast updated: 2022-01-13 18:35

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