CRED REA Algal Assessment, Sarigan 2003 (NODC Accession 0010352)

REA_Algae_Sarigan_2003.xls (945f7a50-bd02-4056-a2d4-5518245a080a)   []

Twelve quadrats were sampled along 2 consecutively-placed, 25m transect lines as part of Rapid Ecological Assessments conducted at 3 sites at Sarigan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in September, 2003 from the NOAA vessel Oscar Elton Sette (OES03-07). Raw survey data included genus presence and relative abundance, and voucher specimens. Detailed taxonomic analyses of voucher specimens are presented.

Data summary

  • File 'REA_Algae_Sarigan_2003.xls'

    • Table ‘REA Algae Sarigan 2003’ consists of seven data rows along seven dimensions: ‘Common name’, ‘Scientific Name’, ‘Family’, ‘Order’, ‘Class’, ‘Division’ and ‘Kingdom’

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