CRED REA Fish Team Stationary Point Count Surveys at Palmyra Atoll, Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIAs), 2006

CRED_REA_FISH_Kingman_Reef_2006.xls (b2263f8b-dd7f-4bd6-9bbf-33656e83e38b)   []

Stationary Point Counts at 4 stations at each survey site were surveyed as part of Rapid Ecological Assessments (REA) conducted at 13 sites around Palmyra Atoll in the Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIAs) during 15 March - 8 April 2006 in the NOAA Hi'ialakai (HI0604) Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (RAMP) Cruise. Raw survey data included species level abundance estimates.

Data summary

  • File 'CRED_REA_FISH_Kingman_Reef_2006.xls'

    • Table ‘CRED REA FISH Kingman Reef 2006’ consists of 168 data rows along five dimensions: ‘Year’, ‘Region’, ‘Island’, ‘Family’ and ‘Genus species’

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