Data from: Color Analysis of Storage Roots from the USDA, ARS Sweetpotato Germplasm Collection

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737 PI accessions from the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service Sweetpotato Collection were grown in the field and in greenhouse pots, and storage roots were harvested. The periderm (skin) and stele (flesh) of storage roots were measured using a Konica Minolta Chroma Meter (CR 400, Konica Minolta, Inc., Tokyo, Japan), and data were recorded using the CIE 1976 L*a*b* and CIE L*C*h* color spaces. Data from this study is contained in a manuscript that will be submitted to Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution under the title 'Color Analysis of Storage Roots from the USDA, ARS Sweetpotato Germplasm Collection.' Data parameters presented are lightness (L*), red-green coordinate (a*), yellow-blue coordinate (b*), color intensity or chroma (C*), and hue angle (H*). Also included in this data set are percentage dry matter and root densities as these data are correlated to color values.

Data summary

  • File 'Sweetpotato-Stele-Summary20Table.xlsx'

    • Table ‘Sweetpotato-Stele-Summary20Table’ consists of 737 data rows along 22 dimensions: ‘GRIN Database PI Accession’, ‘Common Name’, ‘Subjective Stele Color (Pots)’, ‘Subjective Stele Color Rating (Pots)’, ‘L*(C) (Pots)’, ‘a*(C) (Pots)’, ‘b*(C) (Pots)’, ‘C*(C) (Pots)’, ‘h*(C) (Pots)’, ‘Subjective Stele Color (Field)’ and 12 other dimensions

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