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Asbestos Clean-up in Poland

Is Poland on track to be free of asbestos by 2032? (pinsleepe/asbestos-cleanup-in-poland)   []


First, what is asbestos? Well it is a mineral that can be pulled into fine fibres with high resistance to heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. In the past it was a common ingredient in construction materials (caveat: this is at least true for the European Union). Why in the past? Asbestos is a threat to health due to its very fibre structure. Those microscopic fibers can become trapped in the respiratory system, causing cancer and other disease decades after exposure.

Second, where is Poland?! The answer depends on how grumpy the internet is on that day. My home country, Poland, is located in the Eastern or Central Europe. Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and suddenly stuff was required of her. Strangely enough, Poland is the only European country that plans to be free of asbestos by 2032. The National Asbestos Cleaning Program program was initiated in 2009 with one of the aims to create a complete database of asbestos contamination by 2012. In this blog post I’m hoping to shed some light on the progress of this ambitious plan.


The database is run by the Ministry of Development and should be updated yearly. It was originally uploaded on March 21st 2016 and then updated 8 months later. As far as I can see they don’t keep older versions. The spreadsheet contains columns with the total number of asbestos in the given location (in kilograms), how much of that has been utilised (also in kilograms) and how much still needs to be utilised (not kidding). There is also name of the place and its code TERYT. TERYT translates as the National Official Register of the Territorial Division of the Country. It is a very useful thing in identifying cities and regions, especially for languages that include certain letters with diacritics, the overdot, the tail and the stroke. As a side note, TERYT code for asbestos dataset was incomplete i.e. missing the last digit (!). In addition, there was no metadata that describes the data collection process or time when it was taken.


This dataset was downloaded from the Polish Public Data and is considered public data and can be used under following restrictions: - One should inform about the source of this data and the creation time of reused information as well


Is Poland on track to be free of asbestos by 20132?

Data summary

  • File 'asbestos_cleanup_poland.csv'

    • Table ‘asbestos cleanup poland’ consists of 2469 data rows along six dimensions: ‘Disposed ’, ‘Inventory ’, ‘Place Name’, ‘TERYT’, ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’

Size: 53.7 KBSource: KaggleLast updated: 2021-11-21 17:51

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