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Bank Marketing

Binary Classification (sonujha090/bank-marketing)   []

Data summary

  • File 'bank-full.csv'

    • Table ‘bank-full’ consists of 45,211 data rows along 17 dimensions: ‘age’, ‘job’, ‘marital’, ‘education’, ‘default’, ‘balance’, ‘housing’, ‘loan’, ‘contact’, ‘day’ and seven other dimensions
  • File 'bank.csv'

    • Table ‘bank’ consists of 4521 data rows along 17 dimensions: ‘age’, ‘job’, ‘marital’, ‘education’, ‘default’, ‘balance’, ‘housing’, ‘loan’, ‘contact’, ‘day’ and seven other dimensions

Size: 541.2 KBSource: KaggleLast updated: 2021-09-30 23:30

Data quality assessment of this dataset

The data quality assessment assesses the quality of the input data and prioritizes mitigation steps based on analytical impact and ease of implementation

Data import summary for this dataset

The data import summary describes how Inspirient processed the submitted dataset ‘bank-marketing’. The summary also provides insight into data quality issues, the contexts that were inferred, and if any enrichments were generated from the input data.

Analysis of top-priority dimension in this dataset

The top-priority dimension analysis for ‘duration’ provides an in-depth analysis of the input column ‘duration’ in dataset ‘bank-marketing’. The report contains insights into the statistical properties of the values in the column and highlights related patterns of potential relevance.

Summary of relations between input dimensions

The relations summary report summarizes the relations between the dimensions.

Summary of anomalies in this dataset

The anomaly summary provides an overview of the most relevant anomalies in the submitted dataset ‘bank-marketing’. The summary consists of four types of anomalies, i.e., business irregularities, data inconsistencies, deviations from a pattern and column outliers.

Top insights discovered in this dataset

The top insights report presents the 30 most relevant insights automatically selected by Inspirient. The insights were chosen because they have a high dimension priority and highlight a relevant pattern.

Quick introduction to this dataset

The quick introduction provides a quick view into the dataset automatically analyzed by Inspirient.

All insights currently in focus, ranked by relevance

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