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DISC personality test results

1K answers to 42 personality questions, technical information (yamqwe/confidence-adventurousness-dominance)   []

These scales were used as part of an experiment DISC personality test. The scales are from the International Personality Item Pool. The scales used are: Assertiveness: http://ipip.ori.org/newCPIKey.htm#Assertiveness Social confidence: http://ipip.ori.org/newJPI-RKey.htm#Social-Confidence Adventurousness: http://ipip.ori.org/newNEOKey.htm#Adventurousness Dominance: http://ipip.ori.org/newCPIKey.htm#Dominance The following items were rated on a 5 point scale where 1=Strongly disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Neither agree not disagree, 4=Agree, 5=Strongly agree. All were prefixed with "I ". AS1 Express myself easily. AS2 Try to lead others. AS3 Automatically take charge. AS4 Know how to convince others. AS5 Am the first to act. AS6 Take control of things. AS7 Wait for others to lead the way. AS8 Let others make the decisions. AS9 Am not highly motivated to succeed. AS10 Can't come up with new ideas. SC1 Feel comfortable around people. SC2 Don't mind being the center of attention. SC3 Am good at making impromptu speeches. SC4 Express myself easily. SC5 Have a natural talent for influencing people. SC6 Hate being the center of attention. SC7 Lack the talent for influencing people. SC8 Often feel uncomfortable around others. SC9 Don't like to draw attention to myself. SC10 Have little to say. AD1 Prefer variety to routine. AD2 Like to visit new places. AD3 Interested in many things. AD4 Like to begin new things. AD5 Prefer to stick with things that I know. AD6 Dislike changes. AD7 Don't like the idea of change. AD8 Am a creature of habit. AD9 Dislike new foods. AD10 Am attached to conventional ways. DO1 Try to surpass others' accomplishments. DO2 Try to outdo others. DO3 Am quick to correct others. DO4 Impose my will on others. DO5 Demand explanations from others. DO6 Want to control the conversation. DO7 Am not afraid of providing criticism. DO8 Challenge others' points of view. DO9 Lay down the law to others. DO10 Put people under pressure. The last page of the test had users affirm that their answers were accurate and suitable for research (those that did not have been removed) and enter the following info: gender. Chosen from a dropdown (1=male, 2=female, 3=other; 0=they did not choose) age. entered into a free response box (ages less than 14 removed; n= apprx. 20).

Data summary

  • File 'AS+SC+AD+DO/data.csv'

    • Table ‘AS+SC+AD+DO/data’ consists of 1005 data rows along 42 dimensions: ‘AS1’, ‘AS2’, ‘AS3’, ‘AS4’, ‘AS5’, ‘AS6’, ‘AS7’, ‘AS8’, ‘AS9’, ‘AS10’ and 32 other dimensions

Size: 19.7 KBSource: KaggleLast updated: 2021-11-12 20:14

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