NYS Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Data

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This is a dataset hosted by the State of New York. The state has an open data platform found here and they update their information according the amount of data that is brought in. Explore New York State using Kaggle and all of the data sources available through the State of New York organization page!

  • Update Frequency: This dataset is updated annually.


This dataset is maintained using Socrata's API and Kaggle's API. Socrata has assisted countless organizations with hosting their open data and has been an integral part of the process of bringing more data to the public.

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Data summary

  • File 'assertive-community-treatment-act-admissions-summary-baseline.csv'

    • Table ‘assertive community treatment act admissions summary baseline’ consists of 136 data rows along 31 dimensions: ‘Row Created Date Time’, ‘Data Level Indicator’, ‘Team County or Region Name’, ‘County’, ‘OMH Region’, ‘Team Capacity’, ‘Census’, ‘Percent of Capacity on Census’, ‘Average Age’, ‘Number of Males’ and 21 other dimensions
  • File 'assertive-community-treatment-act-outcomes.csv'

    • Table ‘assertive community treatment act outcomes’ consists of 136 data rows along 32 dimensions: ‘Row Created Date Time’, ‘OMH Region’, ‘Data Level Indicator’, ‘County’, ‘Team County or Region’, ‘Number With Follow-Up Data’, ‘Number Employed at Baseline’, ‘Number Employed at Follow-up’, ‘Number Competitively Employed at Baseline’, ‘Number Competitively Employed at Follow-up’ and 22 other dimensions

Size: 522.3 KBSource: KaggleLast updated: 2021-11-12 21:59

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