Research & Development Expenditure in Europe

Research & Development Expenditure by Sectors of Performance in Europe (gpreda/research-development-expenditure-in-europe)   []


This dataset is compiled from European data about Research & Development Expenditure.


The data contains expenditure for research & development in Europe, by sectors of performance.

Unit values: * PR_GDP - Percent from GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Performance sector values: * BES - Business enterprise sector;
GOV - Government sector;
HES - Higher education sector;
PNP - Private non-profit sector;
TOTAL - Total expenditure for R&D.

Geographies values are acronyms (2 characters) for EU countries and group of countries from Europe.

Source of metadata:


The main data source is: For the data dictionaries, the source is: as well:

Data is presented in two formats:
Compact Eurostat TSV format;
Unmelt csv format (after transformation using the Starter Kernel).


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Data summary

  • File 'research_development_expenditure_eu.csv'

    • Table ‘research development expenditure eu’ consists of 2556 data rows along five dimensions: ‘unit’, ‘sectperf’, ‘geo’, ‘year’ and ‘value’
  • File 'tsc00001.tsv'

    • Table ‘tsc00001’ consists of 213 data rows along 13 dimensions: ‘unit,sectperf,geo\time’, ‘2008’, ‘2009’, ‘2010’, ‘2011’, ‘2012’, ‘2013’, ‘2014’, ‘2015’, ‘2016’ and three other dimensions

Size: 15.6 KBSource: KaggleLast updated: 2021-11-12 20:07

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